Why is My Left Arm Numb Much More Often

A dominant arm is common, and most people experience that their right arm is more dominant. As you use it more often, for example, writing and eating. Usually, whatever you are doing, your first reaction is to use your right hand when doing anything. You only use your left hand if the task you are reaching for is closer to you or your right hand is preoccupied. People also feel the difference in strength while exercising. This difference is not a problem and is common for most people. A cause for concern occurs when you feel your left arm is numb for no specific reason.

Numbness in your left arm can occur, but if it is chronic and happens often, you should contact a doctor. The reason for this numbness could be anything. Therefore, you can’t pinpoint unless you reach out to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Numbness is caused by lower blood flow through the vessels. Therefore reaching a cardiovascular specialist is what you should do in the first place. Only your doctor can say for sure what is the reason for the numbness, but there are a few common reasons that can cause such an occurrence.

Reasons For Numbness in Left Arm

The ultimate reason for any kind of numbness is the lack of blood reaching the numb part of your body. But what is causing poor blood circulation is what we need to be concerned about. So, here are a few common reasons that could cause Left arm numbness:

Lack of Exercise
Exercise is vital for your health. Lack of exercise is a lifestyle problem you can easily fix with an early morning run. Running increases your cardiovascular activity, improving the blood flow from your heart to the whole body. Numbness in your left arm is a sure sign that you have very low physical activity in your lifestyle.

Nerve Problems
Nerve problems can occur due to injury or illness. Things like stroke that affects the whole left side of the body or accidental injuries are the common cause of numbness. You can improve the nerve reaction by consistent oil massages and practical exercises. If your injury is not severe, nerve damage can be fixed in a few months.

Bug Bites
Reaction to bites of some bug bites can also cause your left arm to be numb for a while. In this condition, you must reach a doctor as soon as possible because you don’t know how the issue will progress. If the bug bite is non-lethal to humans, the numbness will fade soon. But if you are allergic to certain venoms, the issue may take a lot longer to end.


Whatever your reason is, once you get a proper diagnosis of the cause of your left arm numbness, get to the concerning doctor. Vascular problems are not to be ignored no matter what the cause. Whatever your doctor tells you regarding your problem, ensure to take the necessary precautions. Our cardiovascular specialists are always available to help their patients. So contact Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.

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