Why Choose Remote Patient Monitoring? 7 Benefits for Your Patients

The benefits of remote patient monitoring are well known among healthcare providers. The right type of monitoring and software can make caring for your patients easier than ever all while saving you precious time. There may be more benefits for your patients than for you, though. 


Time is precious in any practice and, sadly, there just isn’t enough of it sometimes. Through remote patient monitoring, you can keep track of your patients’ conditions without them having to come in. It allows better access to healthcare for your patients while keeping valuable appointment times for those who urgently need to be seen.


The more information you have about your patients, the better care you can provide. Many diagnostic tests only cover a single moment in time while remote patient monitoring allows you to check in more frequently and have much more data to consider when making treatment decisions. 


When your patients know that their health is being continuously monitored, it gives them much more confidence in the healthcare they receive. 


Having a better understanding of your patient’s condition allows you to explain what is happening and why. This helps them to better understand their condition as well. 


Not all of those on remote patient monitoring will need constant support. Many times, it’s the data collected over time that’s the most valuable. The right system will alert you when there’s a patient in need so you can address it quickly. You may even be surprised to learn which patients need more consistent care once they are being monitored remotely. 


The information you gather through remote patient monitoring won’t just help you treat your patients better, it can also help your patients learn how to make better choices when it comes to their health. Some systems may offer the ability to share relevant data in real-time with your patients so they see the impact of those choices.


Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep your patients out of the clinic as much as possible while still providing top-notch care. Through remote patient monitoring, you can keep an eye on your patients’ health and only call them in if necessary, reducing their risk of being exposed not only to COVID-19 but flu viruses and other illnesses.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Octagos Health can help you provide even better care for your patients, call us today at (281) 769-8733 or book a demo online. We’d love to show you our unique remote patient monitoring system.

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