What Is Remote Patient Monitoring And Telehealth? And Are They Any Different?

Whether you’re an IT expert or a hands-on healthcare provider, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can make your job easier. After all, 88% of healthcare workers have either already invested in or are currently evaluating remote patient monitoring devices. So, you might be wondering about the following questions:

  • What is remote patient monitoring?
  • What is telehealth?
  • and whether there’s any difference between these two terms?

To discover the answers, let’s turn to our team of experts at Octagos Health!

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM is a healthcare delivery method used to gather patient data outside traditional healthcare settings. In other words, RPM has moved healthcare out of clinics and into the houses where people live, work, and play daily. Now, you can use technologies to deepen ties with your patients. Ultimately, improving outcomes by exchanging health data, all thanks to remote patient monitoring technologies. Extremely helpful during Covid-19 waves!

What Are Remote Patient Monitoring (Rpm) Devices, And How Do They Work?

Remote patient monitoring devices – like Octagos Health’s Remote Monitoring Platforms – are just like smartphones and tablets that you use to connect with your loved ones around the world. These platforms genuinely use technology to make patients feel comfortable by helping manage their own health.

RPM devices work by taping digital technology to help patients and providers communicate with each other. In fact, patients can now monitor their health themselves. They can collect their health data at various points throughout the day, electronically transmitted to their doctor via secure messages. In short, RPM gives healthcare providers the power to know their patients’ health conditions daily. Thus, improving overall healthcare services.

What Is Telehealth? Are Telehealth and RPM any Different?

Telehealth is the delivery of health care, health information, and health education services with the help of remote technologies. Some people wonder whether telehealth and RPM are any different. Well, these two terms are actually different!

Simply put, RPM uses specific technology to help clinicians and patients interact with each other at home. On the other hand, telehealth is a broader term used for the entire methodology, industry, and technologies that enable remote healthcare. So, a telehealth technology can be a telephone, smartphone, or anything that can potentially help healthcare providers communicate with patients. No matter what telehealth device you use, the idea of gathering and exchanging information remains the same. Telehealth is in the broad category for you, unlike the RPM system – which is just a part of telehealth with a much more holistic approach. 


Telehealth and RPM are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. If you would like to learn more about telehealth and RPM, you can contact the Octagos Health representative today. With the help of our cutting-edge remote monitoring software, we provide top-class service to healthcare professionals and patients. Above all, we strongly believe in “take care of your patients, and everything else will follow!

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