What is a Heart Score Calculator and How to Calculate Heart Score

Today somewhere in the world, a person dies of cardiovascular problems every 34 seconds. Cardiovascular problems are one of the biggest causes of death globally. Doctors must make quick decisions regarding heart health because they always have limited time. To speed up the process, they developed a formula called heart score. It is a comprehensive score to determine the state of your heart.

Now the score will determine different conditions. The doctor can now base their decision upon this score and save a patient’s life in time. This activity now saves valuable time from testing and observing the heart. Now the doctor can simply administer a small procedure and get factual states regarding the patient’s heart. Regardless of this new procedure, if you get regular heart health monitoring, you can prevent some problems before they get severe.

Heart Score Formula

The formula is some math equation but a report of cardiovascular states. The word HEART in this score is an acronym for the following terms.

History: Records of your previous heart health test and your previous heart condition.

EKG: Readings of heartbeat rhythms and electronic activity.

Age: The age of the patient as it is a contributing factor in heart conditions.

Risk Factors: These are random things that may or may not contribute, like bad habits, weight, and family history.

Troponin: This is a protein present in your heart muscle. If your heart has any damage, this protein leaks into the bloodstream. If the troponin is present in your bloodstream, your hurt has sustained damage.

A proper report consists of all this data that tells the doctor how to proceed with someone’s treatment. However, this is not a 100% report, as every case differs. Additionally, there may be some underlying causes that may not relate to any of the given factors.

Heart Score Calculator

The calculator is not some device that your doctor will attach to you but a software formula. However, It does not do calculations but accepts all the facts and figures regarding heart health and applies conditions. In the end, you get an overall score and individual figures as a comprehensive report.

Every score factor gives you a point of 0, 1, or 2. The maximum score can be up to 10, and your doctor will proceed according to the final number you get.

History of Heart Score

The score was developed in 2008 by a group of physicians in the Netherlands. There are many calculative formulas and equipment present in the field of cardiac monitoring. However, the heart score is the only one verified by multiple medical groups through medical surveys.

Heart Score Benefits

For doctors, it is a decision-making tool. The doctor calculates the heart score and gets a good idea of how to approach a patient. While for cardiac physicians, it is a way to measure improvements or declines. It comes in handy in the emergency department.


A heart score is an easy way for doctors to deal with your case. Regardless, it is not something the patient should rely on. The best thing a patient can do for themself is to take precautions and get regular monitoring. If you need expert heart health assistance, contact Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.

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