What Are Some Different Types Of Telemedicine?

There are many telemedicine types, but the three main types are store-and-forward remote monitoring and real-time interactive services. 

Each of them has its benefits related to the patient’s health, and if you use them appropriately, both you the patient, and healthcare associates can avail tangible benefits from it. 

1) Store-and-Forward Practice

When there is no need for a medical practitioner to meet you in person, it is known as Store-and-forward telemedicine. The practitioner uses images and biosignals to assess the patient. This practice is the most common one in the fields of dermatology, radiology, and pathology.

If done with proper structure and care, this practice can save time and let medical practitioners serve more patients daily. Nevertheless, this practice heavily relies on the patient’s history, documentation, and images instead of a physical examination, leading to possible misunderstanding and misdiagnosis.

2) Remote Monitoring Practice

Remote monitoring is another name for self-monitoring or self-testing. To remotely monitor a patient’s health, this practice involves using several technological devices. These devices collect and send information to the medical practitioner. This practice is mostly used to manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and asthma.

Some benefits of remote monitoring are it is very cost-effective, provides frequent monitoring, and increases patient satisfaction. Nevertheless, there are also some risks that the results may be inaccurate as the patients themselves conducted the tests. 

3) Real-Time Interactive Services Practice

An interactive service can let the patient receive immediate medical advice in-case they require any medical attention. There are many ways to achieve this, such as over the phone, online, or home visits. The patient will provide their medical history and symptoms based on which the medical practitioner will assess, which is very similar to a regular face-to-face appointment.

Teleneuropsychology is a type of telemedicine practice, where the neuropsychologist provided an over phone consultation and assessment with patients who suspect or have a cognitive disorder. Latest evaluation techniques have come in place to assess the patient via video technology. Studies show that this method is a more feasible and reliable alternative to traditional physical consultations, but it also mentions that quality administration must be of top quality.

Telenursing is another type of interactive service which utilizes communication technology where the medical practitioner consults the patient over a phone to diagnose the symptoms. This is a very popular method due to low costs and high accessibility by patients. There are fewer patients in hospitals because it addresses minor ailments earlier, and patients must not admit themselves in a hospital.

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