What Are Some Different Types of Pacemakers?

There are different types of pacemakers. The specifics of your heart and the symptoms you face, determine the type of pacemaker you will need. Your doctor will be able to tell you about which specific pacemaker you require only after a diagnosis.

What Is A Single Chamber Pacemaker?

A very commonly used pacemaker, as the name suggests. A single-chamber pacemaker has one lead connecting the pulse generator to one chamber of your heart. It controls the heartbeat pacing by connecting the lead to your right lower heart chamber.

Now, the connection of the lead to the right upper heart chamber will stimulate the pacing in that chamber, depending on your symptoms and the type of pacing you need.

What Is A Double Chamber Pacemaker?

The two leads of a double-chamber pacemaker connect to both chambers on the right side of your heart. One is the right atrium, and the other is the right ventricle. Now, your doctor will program the pacemakers to adjust to the pace of contractions of both chambers.

Using this pacemaker helps both your chambers work together, i.e., to contract and relax in a proper rhythm. During a contraction, blood flows from the right atrium into the right ventricle. 

What Is A Biventricular Pacemaker?

A biventricular pacemaker is also known as a cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device. It has three leads which connect to your heart’s right atrium and both ventricles. If you are suffering from arrhythmias caused by advanced heart failure, you will have a biventricular pacemaker implanted within yourself. During heart failure, your left and right ventricles will be able to pump at the same time. Hence, your doctor will program the biventricular pacemaker to coordinate the ventricles’ contractions so that they both pump together.

The coordination of the ventricles and contractions help your heart pump blood efficiently and relieve your heart failure symptoms. The treatment of the resynchronization of the ventricles’ pumping action is known as Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy.

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