Our Mission

Personal Profile

Octagos Health designs cutting edge remote monitoring software and provides best in class service to healthcare professionals and patients. Our goal is to be the most trusted partner in remote device management with the understanding that patients always come first.

About Octagos Health

Octagos Health was founded by a team of healthcare professionals to better serve cardiac device patients. Based on firsthand experience, we have witnessed the growing frustrations and complexities associated with an exponential growth in the amount of data clinicians manage on a daily basis. We decided to develop a multifaceted approach to remote monitoring with a solution that balances the power of cutting edge software and a human touch with service provided by cardiac device experts. Our solution allows clinicians to focus on other ways of delivering meaningful healthcare and more efficiently manage their remotely monitored patients.

13325 Hargrave Road, Suite 281, Houston, Texas 77070

(281) 769-8733


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