Ways In Which Technology is Improving Our Health

Technology has drastically improved our lives, but technology in the medical industry is like no other. Technology is improving our health, from the X-ray machine’s invention to advancements in surgical practices, the use of technology has made us humans healthier and increased our life expectancy.

As we move forward in time, technology is helping us cure illnesses and improve life’s quality. With technology, we can not implement Health informatics. Health informatics is the collection of a patient’s health-related information. Those who have graduated in Health Informatics can now push healthcare boundaries.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Health informatics specialists know that electronic health records are a massive evolution in the medical field, helping in medical diagnostics and treatment. In the past, medical facilities had to store patients’ records in physical files that were becoming difficult to manage. But with the implementation of EHR‘s, access to patient information has become accurate and efficient. 


With the rise of recent movement restrictions and social distancing rules, telemedicine has become a common practice. Telemedicine is the advancement of healthcare based on telecommunications technologies.

Some other reasons for telemedicine’s success are that those living in rural areas do not have access to traditional healthcare; hence, they can use their computer and see their doctor virtually. Another reason is that the benefits of telehealth are extraordinary. Based on studies, a patient can save up to $100 per doctor visit using telehealth. 

Remote Monitoring Tools

Several patients monitor their health at home. They reduce their visits and can save money. The US alone has seen 10M+ people availing home health monitoring systems. If a patient has a pacemaker implanted within them, it can automatically send data to remote health centers. This is very important for patients with chronic illnesses and can allow the provider to view their health from their office.

Wearable Technology

Nowadays, wearable medical devices are becoming very common. They collect data that helps doctors and patients assess the health of the one who is wearing it.

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