The Importance of Remote Care in the Age of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has created changes in virtually every industry. However, these changes are perhaps the most obvious in the telehealth field. While patients are turning to remote care out of necessity, many are pleasantly surprised by how easy and convenient these digital services are. Below, we’ll share the features of remote care that patients care about the most.

Remote Care Provides Peace of Mind

When we think of bedside manners, we often think of a good in-person relationship between a doctor and a patient. (After all, we don’t call it “bedside” for nothing!) However, the way people connect is changing. Social distancing practices mean that both doctors and patients are more comfortable meeting remotely. It also means that patients are looking for new ways to visit a doctor. Remote care can make patients feel more comfortable, as they do not need to worry about germ exposure in an office.

Patient-Friendly Preventative Care

The COVID-19 outbreak is also making people more aware of overall health. Patients are thinking about their long-term needs. This means that lots of patients are seeking medical advice. Patients love using remote care to connect with experts. It’s an easy and convenient option that is often less expensive than a traditional office visit. Providers love this option too, as it saves overhead costs and allows them to form a more direct connection to their patients.

Simple, Streamlined Device Monitoring

With medical situations changing daily, it’s important to have easy-to-use monitoring tools in place for chronically ill patients. Doctors can use tools to check medical devices remotely. For instance, providers can use Octagos to see all of a patient’s pacemaker data in one place. Easy digital device monitoring makes it easy to monitor your patients and transfer data to emergency providers if there is a sudden health issue.

Remote Care for Cardiac Device Patients

Octagos Health is transforming the way both patients and healthcare professionals monitor cardiac devices. Our platform lets every patient and provider access their most important data in real-time. Our easy-to-use interface makes the platform user-friendly, even for seniors or those with limited computer literacy. Contact us today to learn more.

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