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Looking to increase patient compliance and maximize billing with their remote device transmissions, AdventHealth partnered with Octagos Health.

Amber Rogers

Manager of EP and Arrhythmia Services, AdventHealth Virtual Care Center

How did you get started with Octagos Health?

As a large hospital system, one of our goals at AdventHealth is to centralize as many of our solutions as possible. We typically test out new processes with our Orlando location before rolling out the solution nationwide. We began working with Octagos because we were looking for a way to standardize our remote monitoring while increasing patient compliance and billable activity. Octagos has allowed us to meet those goals. Currently we are live with CRM implantable monitoring and are in the process of implementing wearable and remote physiologic monitoring. Octagos is the only vendor able to offer all three of these solutions together, making it a much more efficient and scalable option.

How would you summarize your journey so far with Octagos Health?

The best part of our journey is the personal attention that we are able to receive. We are able to reach out and talk to a real person anytime we have questions or need assistance. The implementation process was clearly explained and they worked with us to make sure everything was in order before we went live. Working with Octagos has been easy – they understand the importance of communication and giving a quick, accurate answer. Even if that answer is, “no we can’t do that , but let’s see what we can try.” I think clear communication, integrity, and just the ability to truly work together as a team, has been the highlight of our journey.

What are some of the things you have liked working with Octagos Health?

Primarily, the flexibility of Octagos Health and their IT development infrastructure. Their in-house IT team has been able to customize and meet, or exceed, our expectations. We’re very big on cyber security and protecting our patients PHI data. The fact that Octagos has Soc2, Type 2, accreditation and is able to integrate with EPIC, our new EMR, is critical. No one else has been able to meet these demands or customizations

Please tell us a little bit about your gains since partnering with Octagos Health

We’ve had an increase in new revenue since working with Octagos Health. We’ve been able to maximize all our billables, at the same time, increase patient quality of care. Florida is a retirement home for the nation, as such we have a lot of cardiac patients and new physicians joining our group. The volume of business we had was starting to overwhelm my team. Now we are working in a more structured, stable environment through partnering with Octagos, this allows us to generate more revenue and provide better patient care.

Would you recommend Octagos Health to others?

I highly recommend Octagos to others, for all these different reasons, and their ease and integrity. I have no problem making a full recommendation of their solution.

If somebody were to ask you,” Why Octagos Health?” what would be the main point you would tell them?

Octagos is able to provide a custom solution that is able to be adjusted to best fit the clinic needs. Unlike other options, Octagos Health has their own internal IT team to create or customize requested changes. They are able to integrate with our EMR using their own software, without the need to use a third party. This keeps costs down because there would be additional fees associated with these third parties. Octagos Health developed and manages their own software. They can change things, develop them, test them to see if it works or if it doesn’t work. This flexibility is something we have not been able to find with any other vendor.

How about the work flow and efficiency? How was it before, and after Octagos?

There is a clear improvement here. Again, there is enough support. My team isn’t as overwhelmed as they were previously. We have been able to expand in-office services, in- person services, and truly rely on Octagos to manage the remote monitoring. Our patient compliance has increased due to the follow-through from the Octagos engagement team. If the patient isn’t transmitting, Octagos calls our patient and checks in on them to remind them to transmit and assist if necessary. There is a huge improvement as far as just basic workflow on a day-to-day basis. I feel good, and this has really been a very effective solution.

About AdventHealth:
AdventHealth a non-profit healthcare system headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It is one of the largest non-profit, faith-based health care providers in the US. It operates over 50 hospitals in twelve states, with over 8,200 licensed beds. It has 1,200 outpatient settings serving more than five million patients annually and growing!



Use Cases

To centralize as many of their solutions as possible.

Key Results

  • Increased Revenue & Maximized Billables at same time
  • Increased Quality of Patient Care
  • More structured and Stable Environment to work
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