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Over 17 million deaths per year and the reason behind them: Heart disease! 

However, many of these deaths can simply be prevented by making a few lifestyle changes and being aware of one’s own health. This is where revolutionary progress in technology and artificial intelligence comes into the picture; making a real difference out there. Without a doubt, these software-based solutions are now providing better care for patients as it is based on a more personalized, proactive, and digitally-enabled care approach for cardiac patients. It makes the future of heart health management empowering. 

One such innovative platform is Octagos Health. It uses the power of AI and cloud computing to offer comprehensive software tools for cardiac transmission monitoring and secondary prevention. Octagos Health aims to become that missing link between doctors and patients which improves adherence, enables real-time monitoring, provides motivation, and ensures timely interventions. With heart disease on an unrelenting rise, remote cardiac monitoring services like Octagos Health provide continuous monitoring at the ease of patients by monitoring them closely but remotely. It makes the management smarter, easier, and more efficient.

Software For Your Healthy Heart

It is not new to us that cardiac issues and heart diseases are becoming the leading cause or one can say one of the major reasons behind deaths worldwide. It has become extremely important to be cautious about our cardiac health to keep all those deadly diseases away. Advancements in technology have backed people up and given them some extra confidence to be sure about what exactly can be done to avoid cardiac issues. There are several solutions provided by software that can help in not only monitoring but also improving heart health. 

Octagos Health offers a full suite of software tools and digital therapeutics. The key features of Octagos software include:

 Personalized Care Plans

This is software based on the approach of creating customized care plans for each and every patient. The care plans are made keeping in consideration their medical history, risk factors, goals, and preferences.  This is an AI-enabled platform that analyzes patient data. The analysis of the above-mentioned patient data helps to recommend appropriate lifestyle changes needed, prescription management, remote monitoring, and follow-ups. This helps in regularly updating these care plans which ensures maximum adherence as the data is optimized on a regular basis.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Octagos enables remote monitoring of important symptoms on continuous basis like blood pressure, heart rate, weight and activity levels through the connected devices.

  • Medication Management

The software is designed in such a way that it provides personalized medication plans. It reminds patients about their medicines and along with that it refills prescriptions and alerts about potential interactions. This automatically helps in improving the required compliance over medication. 

  • Digital Therapeutic

There are digital therapeutics provided by Octagos health in the form of different videos that not only educates but also engages patients about their condition. This guidance makes people work on improving their habits and changing lifestyle choices like smoking or poor nutrition etc.

  • Education & Communication

Platform gives patients to access an extensive library of resources on the topics related to heart health. They can also securely message their care team to get answers to their questions. Educational videos and webinars are provided for continued learning.

  • Analytics & Reporting:

One thing which is quite nice is that the software generates reports in such a way which are easy to understand. Reviewing data and tracking progress becomes easy for clinicians and patients. Areas which need improvement are identified by analytics in observance with the important signs and symptoms, activity levels, medications. 

  • Security Compliance

The platform is HIPAA compliant ensuring protection of patient health information. Tools like encryption, access controls and stringent cybersecurity measures make the data more secure.

  • Evidence-based Approac

Octagos follows established clinical guidelines by organizations like American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology for care plan development and digital therapeutics. 

Timely quality testing’s and regulatory compliance happens.  

  • Final Takeaway

To sum up, Octagos Health is an AI-powered software solution providing comprehensive tools for heart health management. It aims to fill the gaps in traditional cardiac care by enabling its monitoring remotely accompanied by management of medications, digital therapeutics, education and analytics.  While technology cannot replace doctors, purpose-built software like Octagos Health can make cardiac care and transmission monitoring more accessible, engaging and proactive. With heart disease on the rise globally, such innovative digital health platforms promise to improve cardiovascular outcomes through better prevention and management.

For more information on remote heart monitoring, contact Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733. You can also come find us at 13325 Hargrave Rd Suite 281, Houston, TX 77070, on the first floor of the Hargrave Plaza.

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