Secure Telehealth: Keeping Patients Protected

Secure Telehealth

Security concerns are a top priority in telehealth. With so much information stored and traded online, it is important to make sure that data is protected. At Octagos Health, we work to protect both patients and providers with our software. Below, we will explain how we keep information secure.

Built-In Security

Are you concerned with patient data remaining secure? Then your first consideration should be the software you are using. While some platforms have built-in security features, others do not. Octagos has made security a top priority for our software. Our software is HIPAA secure and uses bank-grade protection to encrypt and protect data.

Integrate With Other Platforms

You can use Octagos along with other secure platforms for a safe, streamlined experience. We offer integration with over 70 electronic health record (EHR) platforms, including Epic, Cerner, CareCloud, and more. We partner with some of the best software platforms in the industry, so you can trust that your data is secure across the board.

Secure Telehealth Patient Messaging

Of course, doctors and patients need to be able to talk openly. This is an important feature of any telehealth platform. However, communication needs to be secure. Octagos makes it easy to reach patients- and also vendors. Our software is easy to use, easy to organize, and especially easy to keep secure.

One Simple Report

Finally, it is important to remember that data breaches aren’t always the work of hackers. Data can also be compromised when you spread it across different platforms. However, there are simple solutions to this problem. Software like Octagos allows you to keep data on one secure website.

Ready to Learn More About Octagos?

Octagos Health is creating new solutions for cardiac patients and providers. We are currently offering demos of our software. Call 281-769-8733 to learn more about what we do. You can also request a demo by clicking the link above.

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