Remote Cardiac Services

We are rapidly seeing a rise in technological advancement within the healthcare field. Specifically with Remote Cardiac Services. The changes are a positive move forward. These changes are allowing many patients to have opportunities they previously did not.

Device Monitoring

Cardiac devices include a defibrillator, pacemaker, and cardiac loop recorder. Among those devices, you can also enter your test results from home. These tests include blood/sugar, prothrombin time test, and international normalized ratio. Those have to do with your blood clotting and how long it takes. Your doctor can monitor you in your home without having the risk of exposure to illnesses such as Covid-19.

COVID-19 and Device Monitoring Benefits

With the new risk of the virus COVID-19. you are much safer with an in-home device monitor. You can test yourself and give the results to your doctor or nurse in real time. This can cut back on the risk of exposure and contraction of the virus. You can also save yourself from having to hire a home health aide just to do daily testing. Most recently, the ability to monitor arrhythmia has been developed with a loop recorder. Or you are able to use a portable EKG to monitor your heart. It is also able to notify a doctor or nurse in the event of an emergency.

Octagos Health

At Octagos Health, we are able to use these devices to better manage your condition. With all of the paperwork and information, we wanted a way to stay better organized. Therefore, we can monitor your condition, update your status, and have appointments with you from your device. This allows you to stay safe while we better assist your needs. The software connects all cardiac device companies. Our patient care is much more efficient. So, you will find this easier. And, it is safer. And, you also may not need to visit the doctor as much.

The patient is our main priority and we want to help you get the best healthcare available. To find out more information about Remote Cardiac Services, please call 281-769-8733. Or visit our website at We can set up an appointment and discuss your options.

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