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Cardiac Monitoring Services

Provide your patients with the high standards of remote cardiac monitoring they deserve with Octagos Health It lets you monitor remote transmissions from several device manufacturers. Improve the efficiency of your clinic with best in-class software and services in a single, simple-to-manage interface.

Octagos Health- Remote Cardiac Monitoring Software

Octagos Al Engine offers vital, automated data and features including AutoNotes, AutoBiller, AutoAlerts, AutoSend, Al procedure recommendations, AFib Analysis, HF Analysis, and other insightful analytics. It also recommends appropriate treatment options which thereby allow for increased patient engagement, research-specific analytics, improved clinic efficiency, and better patient population management. With Octagos, deep analytics are made possible for all implantable devices, external monitors, and sleep studies via a cardiac platform backed by efficient AI.   

Cardiac Monitoring Services

Why Choose Us?

Octagos Health creates state-of-the-art remote monitoring solution backed with Atlas AI and machine learning, and offers clinics and healthcare professionals industry leading EHR integration. Becoming the most dependable partner in cardiac event monitoring and remote ecg monitoring is our goal, which we hope to reach with the knowledge that the needs of the patients are always the top priority. In order to ensure that you never miss anything important, our SOC2 certified and HIPAA compliant software is specifically designed to track and aggregate device transmissions like heart rhythm and patient data in real-time while also determining what is urgent. For clinics of any size, our one-of-a-kind 24*7 monitoring software and service works incredibly well at consolidating useful data in real-time.

Wearable Cardiac Monitoring Devices

Octagos Health’s wearable health monitor provides recommendations for the physicians. -With our wearable heart monitoring devices, physicians and clinics can screen every transmission for dozens of possible procedures including: Atrial fibrillation ablation, SVT ablation, AV node ablation, upgrade to CRT, pacemaker implant, CCM therapy, Watchman, CardioMEMS. – Using the relevant data, our wearable heart rhythm monitor can also make recommendations based on HRS guidelines and best practices. – Standardized care to drive volume to cath labs.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

All of the services and products provided by Octagos Health are covered by cost and Insurance coverage by majority of insurance companies and Medicare providers. For further information, customers can contact their insurance provider.


Great team and cardiac monitoring platform with outstanding customer service.Octagos Health provides great value to our practice. Absolutely recommend using them for remote monitoring solutions.

Cardiologist in San Antonio, TX

They truly care for their customers and offer the best remote cardiac monitoring services available! Octagos is continuously updating and improving their platform while maintaining ease of use. Their team quickly onboarded our practice and was highly responsive to questions and problems throughout the process. Highly recommend Octagos.

Practice in Houston, TX

Easy to use cardiac monitoring platform that is highly capable of large patient volumes. Absolutely the most robust remote monitoring system and EHR integration to streamline our workflow and eliminate the report reviewing backlog.

Practice in South Texas

Great cardiac event monitoring company to work with, if you have any issues or problems with your clinic you will get to speak to a real person rather than a bot or an Al! So far having a great experience.

Cardiac Electrophysiologist in Phoenix, AZ

Great people with great products! We are glad to switch to Octagos Health for all of our digital cardiac monitoring, we have noticed such tremendous improvements in our clinic. Thank you Octagos Health.

Cardiologist in Miami, FL

This remote cardiac monitoring platform is so robust, they are doing a great job integrating it with our clinic! We are seeing a lot of improvement in our processes. Great team and great product! Thank you Octagos Health.

Practice in Dallas, TX


What is remote cardiac monitoring?

Remote cardiac monitoring service at Octagos Health is a type of monitoring that can be done anytime and anywhere, improving a patient’s quality of life and decreasing the risk of missing a cardiac event by a clinic or physician. Octagos Health makes sure to schedule remote transmission reports every 1 or 3 months depending on patient’s device.

What does a cardiac event monitor do?

Cardiac event monitor keeps track of patient’s cardiac device information on a daily basis, allowing for scheduled and alert transmissions even when they are asleep. This is one of the cardiac monitoring services that Octagos Health in Texas provides.

Is telemetry the same as cardiac monitoring?

In essence, the two methods provide the physicians with information about his patient’s cardiac activity, both inside the hospital and outside it. Even though telemetry and remote monitoring serve the same purpose, the former is a little more sophisticated process.

What are the benefits of having a partnership with Octagos Health?

Partnering with Octagos Health delivers better results for you and your patients, increases your business ROI by 3-4x, improves your staff efficiency and reduces clinician time by 50%, and increases procedure volume through AI driven analytics based on standard of care by 30%. Remote Cardiac Monitoring Service in Texas results in a better cardiac health management.

How does Octagos assist with the remote monitoring of your device?

Our platform helps your physician quickly and easily access your remote device alerts and medical history. Remote transmissions are scheduled every 1 or 3 months depending on your device. Remote monitoring is highly recommend by major medical societies such as the heart rhythm society. It can be done anytime and anywhere, improving your quality of life and decreasing the risk of missing a cardiac event.

Is the data secure?

Your data is transmitted to our platform, which is a safe and secure web-based data management system. We use industry leading security protocols. Your data is protected and confidential, where only authorized users can access it.

How does Octagos work with my physician?

Octagos works closely with medical practices to provide the infrastructure and support necessary for physicians and other healthcare professionals to efficiently and effectively manage the continuous flow of data. We ensure that physicians are receiving the information they need to best manage your care.

Why do I need to do remote monitoring and who can I reach if I have any questions?

Remote monitoring keeps track of your cardiac device information on a daily basis, allowing for scheduled and alert transmissions (even when you are asleep). You may contact your physician’s office or the octagos team at 281-769-8733 if you have any questions related to the remote monitoring of your cardiac device.

Should I expect to feel something when my scheduled transmission is taking place? Is it safe?

No, you will not feel anything during a scheduled transmission. The transmission is done when you are near or within range of the monitor, mostly during the night time while you are asleep. Yes, it is safe and effective. Remote monitoring is highly recommended by leading physician societies based on the overwhelming data supporting its use.

Does insurance cover remote monitoring of cardiac devices?

Yes, in most cases your insurance will cover remote monitoring. As with any other medical care, you may still be liable for a copay or out-of-pocket payment based on your insurance plan. Please call your physician’s office directly should you have any billing or insurance questions.

If I have symptoms or a problem with my medications, who do I call?

Octagos does not replace your physician.You should continue to visit your doctor and follow their care plan. Octagos should be contacted for questions related to the remote monitoring of your device, such as needing assistance setting up your monitor or confirming you are connected.

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