Reducing Paper Waste Telehealth Services

We all know that the world is rapidly changing. While things like COVID-19 are on the forefront, other issues are still affecting us in the background. Climate change in particular is a problem with dangerous consequences. However, it can be hard to address environmental issues in fields like healthcare. After all, a certain amount of waste is inevitable in this industry. Luckily, telehealth companies are helping medical practices create more eco-friendly policies. Reducing paper waste and shrinking your carbon footprint is possible in healthcare. Learn how below.

Reducing Paper Waste

Paper waste is a huge issue for most medical practices. The number of forms, documents, and printouts used on a daily basis can be staggering. Virtual visits will allow you to share documents with patients online. This one simple fix can make a huge impact. Patients will also love the convenient digital format.

Saving Resources With Virtual Visits

Paper isn’t the only resource that is often wasted at the doctor’s office. One single office visit requires so many disposables. These range from medical products like tape and gauze to various cleaning products. Going digital will allow you to save all of these resources. Over time, this majorly adds up!

Cut Your Carbon Footprint With Telehealth

Cars have a huge environmental impact. While we all know this, it can be hard to remember when you have an important drive. Commuting to and from a doctor’s office can have a big impact on your carbon footprint- whether you are a provider or a patient. Telemedicine allows you to skip the commute without sacrificing quality care.

Go Green Today

Don’t wait to create eco-friendly office policies. Going green is easier than you think. Companies like Octagos are leading the way, helping practices cut waste while also reaching new patients. Try our software out for yourself. Request a demo by clicking the link above, or contact us for more information.

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