Neck Pain On the Left Side – Causes and Treatment

The human neck is a complex structure that comprises bones, nerves, and muscles that work together and perform multiple functions. Since muscles and tendons are involved, neck pain is quite common on both the left side as well as right.

There are no specific reasons for your neck to suffer from discomfort in a particular direction, but inflammation, fatigue, tension, and muscle strain are some reasons.

Neck Pain On Left Side – Common Causes

Some common reasons include the following:

Muscle Strain and/or Tension

In the majority of cases, these two issues are the reasons behind pain originating on the left side of the neck. Anything can cause muscle strain if it either gets torn or overstretched.

  • Sitting in the same position or leaning forward for a long span.
  • Sleeping with a bent neck position.
  • Stress issues
  • Age factor
  • Nerve compression
  • Impact causing whiplash

Acute torticollis

It is a condition in which the neck muscles contract making the head move or twist to one side. Sudden turning to the left or right causes neck pain.


You may experience whiplash during accidents and sports such as football. It causes pain mainly in the left side of the neck and causes headaches with stiff muscles.


Meninges protect the brain and spine from external attacks. In some conditions, this layer can undergo inflammation by viruses or bacteria, resulting in discomfort.

Cervical Fracture

Sports, road accidents, or sudden impacts can cause the first bones of the vertebra, known as the cervical vertebra, to suffer from damage.

Neck Pain on the Left Side Treatment

If the left side or right of your neck often hurts, get in touch with a physician to determine its root cause. Meanwhile, you can do the following.

Warm Compress

If your neck area is in discomfort, you can try putting a warm compress over it to relieve pain. It is one of the safest methods to deal with this issue for short-term relief.

Neck Massage

You can get a neck massage to release stress and tension from the muscles. Use a moisturizer or oil and press the fingertips against the pain areas on the left side of your neck. Work in a circular movement to relieve the discomfort.

Stretching Exercises

Targeted exercise along with neck massage and get rid of neck cramps. First, stretch it to the right, then the left. Move forward and backward for 30 seconds each.

OTC pain killer or Muscle Relaxant

Here are some additional tips to relieve neck pain.

  • Use a firm pillow to sleep, and do not elevate it.
  • Steer clear of driving with neck pain.
  • If you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, do not do it since it adds pressure.
  • Do not put the cellular phone between your ear and the shoulder.
  • You must maintain a good posture so that the neck muscles do not tense up.

Final Words

This 9-step plan to get rid of the neck pain on your left side will only work for the time being. You must get in touch with your physician to get the root cause diagnosed for targeted treatment. If you are looking for options, get in touch with experts from Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.