Infection Control in Home Health Care

All healthcare workers are concerned with infection control. However, COVID-19 has made this a uniquely urgent concern. Of course, medical workers have always looked for ways to reduce the spread of infections. But new technology has made this easier than ever before. Below, we will share how telehealth is changing infection control in home health care.

Quality Remote Care

Of course, quality is top priority of everyone in healthcare. But many physicians (and also patients) worry that the quality of their care will slip when they turn to virtual medicine. If good software is used, then this is not the case. Programs like Octagos make it easy to manage a patient’s care in the same way that you would in-person.

Limiting In-Person Follow-Ups

Follow-up appointments are helpful for patients with chronic illnesses, such as heart disease. However, these follow-ups usually mean that a patient needs to be seen multiple times in-person. Remote follow-ups are an easy way to control the spread of infections. By visiting with patients online, you can provide healthcare while a patient stays safely at home.

Managing Medications and Devices

Device management is another thing that can now be done online. By using Octagos, you can easily manage multiple cardiac tools remotely. This limits the number of in-person visits you need with patients.

Keeping Chronically Ill Patients Safe

In light of recent events, remote medicine is now more important than ever before. Infection control in home health is crucial in the age of COVID-19. By using digital tools, you can help to protect your most vulnerable patients. Plus, this software is easy to use and very effective.

Investing in Telemedicine

There has never been a better time to invest in quality telehealth software. Octagos Health makes it easy for providers to monitor their cardiac patients. We streamline device monitoring so you can easily keep tabs on your patients when they need it most. Explore our website to learn more about Octagos. You can also click the link above to request a demo of our software to see, how it helps in infection control in home health care.

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