How Remote Cardiac Monitoring Reduces Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs can sometimes feel like the elephant in the room. While healthcare routinely saves lives, lots of the tools that help doctors can be expensive. Of course, patients feel the burden of cost, too. Remote cardiac monitoring tools like Octagos are doing more than just streamlining care. They also help both doctors- and also patients- save money. Learn about just some of these money-saving features below.

Reducing Upfront Costs

Healthcare monitoring can get expensive. Using a single software to streamline monitoring can help you reduce your overall costs. Octagos uses cloud-based software to make sure all of your data is in one place. You will easily be able to control all areas of your practice, including the finances.

Making Billing Easy

Billing is one of the biggest headaches in medicine. Our remote cardiac monitoring allows you to easily organize invoices, payments, and more. You can bill directly from the software and also easily track a patient’s payment record. Our software makes it easy to monitor both incoming and also outgoing bills for simple, streamlined billing.

Upfront, Transparent Pricing

Octagos software also makes it easy to communicate with patients about pricing. You can set your rates, explain services, and reach out to patients directly. The open communication will solve any lingering billing issues with ease.

Never Miss a Payment

Of course, many billing issues are simply due to losing paperwork. Our program will alert you when payments or reimbursements are made. This lets you easily track your finances so you can spend your energy elsewhere.

Try Octagos Today

Octagos is one platform that takes care of all your remote cardiac monitoring needs. Our software will change the way that your practice operates. But don’t just take our word for it- try the product yourself! Click the link above to request a software demo today.

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