Here are the 15 Foods You Should Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition where one’s blood has an extremely disarming flow. So much so that it can go over the artery walls and lead to severe health problems, mainly related to the heart. Not to mention, there is no permanent cure for hypertension (high blood pressure) as of now. This means that its diagnosis lasts throughout one’s lifetime.

Nonetheless, there are various ways you can keep the symptoms at bay. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of 15 foods you should avoid if you suffer from high blood pressure.

15 Foods to Avoid for People with High Blood Pressure

Whenever someone gets sick, the first thing they’re told is to focus on their diet. Maintaining a nutritious diet is essential to your daily life, even more so in the case of hypertension. The American Heart Association (AHA) claims that those with high blood pressure should reduce their sodium intake. The average amount of sodium is around 1,500 to 2,000 milligrams. Thus, it is vital you consume less than the average quantity in a day.

However, if you have no idea how to balance your diet or what foods are classified as ‘dangerous,’ just take a look below.

Here’s a list containing all the food items with exorbitant levels of sodium:

  1. Alcohol Drinking more than a single glass of alcohol can lead to severe repercussions. Additionally, it can damage your blood vessels in the long run.
  2. Canned Food Food that comes in a can has preservatives in it to make it last longer. Not to mention, canned corn, beans, and tomatoes all have high levels of salt.
  3. Condiments The extra condiments you drizzle on top of your food may taste delicious, but they can also cause your blood pressure to shoot. Avoid sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce, ranch dressing, and the like.
  4. Deep Fried Foods If you drown your food in a pot of oil to cook, that’s an automatic no. It can get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to rise significantly.
  5. Fast Food Since fast food items like cheeseburgers, pizza, bagels, etc., contain an absurd amount of sodium and trans fats, it’s better to abstain from them.
  6. Fatty Foods Fatty cuts of meat, lard, cream, cheese, etc., contain high counts of fat. They can clog your arteries and become a health hazard if eaten in excess.
  7. Confectionery ItemsFoods that are too sweet can also be dangerous for someone with hypertension. Avoid eating foods that are high in sugar.
  8. Frozen Meals Let’s be honest; everyone loves convenience. But frozen foods like pizza, corndogs, dumplings, and more contain an overabundance of sodium and preservatives.
  9. Instant foods Instant meals are quick and easy to eat. However, they come with harmful preservatives and high levels of sodium. Try holding back on ramen, popcorn, and other instant foods.
  10. Pickled Foods Sour foods like pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi are salty as is. They should be wiped off your diet for good.
  11. Processed Cheese Cheese is full of fat, but when it’s processed, sodium is added into the mix, making it harmful for people with hypertension.
  12. Processed Meat The meat slices you get at a deli aren’t as healthy as you think. Cured meat, bacon, sausages, etc., all have a high sodium count.
  13. Refined Carbs White bread, pasta, white rice, etc., are ‘bad’ carbohydrates. These items can negatively affect one’s blood pressure levels.
  14. Salty Snacks If you like potato chips, salted pretzels, or any other type of salty snack, it’s better to abandon them. A single-ounce serving of these can hold a whopping 200ml of sodium.
  15. Soups Pre-packaged soups may be more practical, but they’re loaded with excess sodium.

What’s the Takeaway?

Now that you’re all up to date and know which 15 foods to avoid with high blood pressure, you can better control your diet. For more information, call Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.