Does Medical Insurance Cover Cardiac Monitoring

Cardiovascular monitoring is a method of observing your heart activity. Cardiac doctors have various methods and equipment to learn more about your heart. The more data they have, the better they can analyze your heart health. With a good understanding of your heart beat rate, rhythm, and blood pressure, the doctors can plan to keep you healthy. You must get regular heart health checkups at least twice a year. This precaution is because a normal person can not detect the subtle signs of disaster.

The main obstacle to regular checkups comes in the form of finances. Usually, insurance covers cardiovascular checkups and at-clinic monitoring, but sometimes your doctor may prescribe equipment to monitor heart health. It is never certain whether your insurance policy would cover heart health monitoring equipment. Therefore, you better need to search deeply and even consult with your agent about this. If you have an old policy, you may need to renegotiate the terms, and if you have a new policy, you may need to mention the monitoring equipment coverage.

Types of Cardiac Monitoring Equipment


You will have to buy this equipment to keep track of your cardiac health. Blood Pressure monitors or Heartbeat monitors are some of the examples. These devices record your heart and cardio activity all day long. The doctor can read and analyze the information whenever you visit for a checkup.

At Clinic

At the clinic, most of the equipment is for monitoring your heart health while you are there. These procedures are usually covered by insurance as you don’t purchase this equipment. You only use them for your tests and data collection. As these are provided upon a doctor’s prescription, most clinical procedures are covered under insurance.

24/7 Monitoring

These are equipment for critically ill patients. These are usually attached to a person and are only removable with a doctor’s help. This equipment tells the doctors about their health and warns the patient to prepare for something. This equipment usually tells patients to sit down or rest when their heartbeat rises.

Surgically Implanted

These are life support equipment, and they are usually surgical implants. If your medical insurance covers surgeries, it may cover the procedure. However, it may or may not cover the implant itself. Therefore, you will have to double-check your policy before you depend on its coverage.

How Much Will Be Covered By Insurance

What will be covered and how much will be covered is never clear. Every insurance company has different rules and regulations. Additionally, they have multiple plans covering different medical checkups and procedures. Therefore you must check your policy before choosing a procedure and study the terms of service before buying a policy.


Your insurance may or may not cover cardiac monitoring equipment. Therefore, if you have an old policy, please review and revise it, or if you are buying a new policy, please ensure to do thorough research. If you need expert cardiology help, contact Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.

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