Complete Home Health Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring has created a revolution in healthcare, allowing providers to keep an eye on their patients without them having to step foot in the clinic. There are many uses for RPM software when providing home health care and some may surprise you.


A smart scale can keep track of weight gains and losses, automatically sending the information to a provider and allowing them to see weight trends over time. For patients receiving home health care that should be monitored closely for weight gain, a provider can receive immediate alerts. 

Blood Glucose

Patients can share blood sugar readings with their providers using remote patient monitoring in two ways. A blood glucose meter can send test results automatically each time the meter is used with vital information such as date, time, and reading. A continuous blood glucose device checks sugar levels every few minutes to track trends over a few hours, a few weeks, or even longer. 


Pill dispensers are available now to help remind patients to take their prescribed medications and also show providers what medications a patient is taking and when they are taking them. These are especially helpful for older adults who may forget to take prescriptions on time. Even home health care aides and nurses benefit from this monitoring, especially if the patient doesn’t receive around-the-clock care.

Medical Alert

Also especially helpful for older adults are medical alert systems. Several types are available depending on the needs of the individual. Those designed for indoor use can call for someone who’s already in the house, like a caregiver, or call for emergency services if necessary. Fall detection sensors can send alerts even if the person becomes unconscious. These alerts can go to paramedics, a family member or caregiver, and even a home health care agency.


These testing devices usually work similar to a blood glucose meter but measure how effectively a patients’ blood thinners are working. Through remote patient monitoring, a provider receives results without sending the patient for lab work. This makes regular testing and adjustment of blood thinner medications more convenient for both patients and providers, making home health care safer.

Heart Health

Young or old, some patients need regular monitoring of their heart health. This could be as simple as heart rate and blood pressure or they may need to wear an electrocardiography (ECG) device to keep a closer eye on their heart rhythms. Pacemakers are equipped with remote patient monitoring transmitters for constant tracking.

To learn more about the Octagos Health remote patient monitoring platform, call us today at (281) 769-8733. We provide an easy-to-use portal and simple, one-page reports to make managing the home health care of your patients as straightforward as possible.

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