Can The Use Of Cell Phone Cause Interference with Pacemakers

Our cell phones are an integral part of our life. But did you know that it emits radiofrequency (RF), and there are chances that this energy can interfere with electronic medical devices? Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is the name, we have given to this type of interference. Lets find out, how cell phone and pacemaker go with each other.

Are There Any Precautions for Pacemaker Wearers?

Recent research has indicated that our cell phones’ radiation does not possess any significant health problems for pacemaker wearers. However, we’d always recommend that those who wear a pacemaker should take simple precautions. So it doesn’t hinder the use of your cell phone and doesn’t cause them any health problems. These include:

  • While talking to someone, hold your cell phone on the ear that is opposite the part of the body where the pacemaker is in place.
  • Do not keep your cell phone very, too near to the pacemaker. And you can ensure this by not keeping your phone in the top pocket of your shirt or jacket. 

If the event of an EMI occurs, it can affect your pacemaker in one of the ways:

  • Your pacemaker could stop stimulating the pulse that regulates the rhythm of your heart.
  • It can cause your pacemaker to deliver irregular pulses.
  • Can stimulate your pacemaker to overlook the rhythm of your heart and produce pulses at a fixed level.

Is Potential Cell Phone Interference Being Tested? 

Due to the concern that an EMI can affect electronic medical devices in its surroundings, the FDA has taken several measures. The FDA has taken the lead to develop test methodologies that measure the EMI of implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators from cell phones.

The international standard ISO 14117 now recognizes this method.  This method is used to test and evaluate the available EMI emitted from cell phones to minimize the risk to patients worldwide. 

If you have a pacemaker implant within you and if you worry about how to use your cell phone. Call us now and assist you with all the required information. Call us at 281-769-8733.

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