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What is a Holter Monitor and How to Use it?

Mar 15, 2022710 Views

A person’s heart beats up to 100,000 times a day. It performs one of the most important functions of your body: pumping blood to all the organs. Getting blood to all the organs keeps them running throughout the day, and basically, the heart is the main engine of the human body. You must monitor your […]

How to Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure | Some Easy Ways

Feb 28, 2022404 Views

There is a short rest period between every heartbeat, and the pressure in your arteries at that interval is called diastolic blood pressure. If this pressure is higher than normal, you may face artery damage and heart disease. However, they are very easy ways to lower diastolic blood pressure. If your heart pumping rate maintains […]

Can Allergies Make You Feel Sick?

Feb 15, 202212552 Views

People often ask us whether allergies can make you feel sick. While allergies can cause symptoms similar to flu or cold, they don’t cause a fever. It’s important to receive the right diagnosis because each allergy has a unique underlying cause. Let’s talk about allergies, cold, and flu symptoms and look at ways to treat […]

Normal vs Abnormal Echocardiogram and What Do They Mean

Jan 30, 20222927 Views

Sometimes it may be difficult, even for doctors, to understand the state of your heart. To learn more about your heart, your cardiovascular doctor will need to know if your heart movements are normal or not. However, a simple x-ray report is not enough to record heart rhythms and movements. For such situations, an echocardiogram […]

What Does It Mean If You Have Blurry Vision In One Eye?

Jan 15, 20221008 Views

Having blurry vision in one eye can be a startling realization. However, there are common reasons that can explain this occurrence. This article will discuss some of the causes of blurry vision in one eye. We’ll also mention the corresponding symptoms and some appropriate treatment options. Blurry Vision In One Eye: What Can Cause It? […]

Feeling Full and Hungry At The Same Time? | What Early Satiety Means

Dec 30, 202152460 Views

It’s a strange feeling, but one that quite a few people experience from time to time: feeling full and hungry at the same time. Odd as it may seem, it’s known as early satiety, and this article will explore some of the causes behind this phenomenon. What Is Early Satiety? Normally, we have a pretty […]

Small Medical Tests For Heart Health Diagnosis

Dec 15, 2021468 Views

Monitoring heart and cardiovascular health is something every person needs to do. Even if you do not have cardiac problems, you should still get cardio tests every now and then. The reason is that a normal person will not be able to notice subtle signs of cardiovascular problems until they get severe. Even if you […]

What is a Heart Score Calculator and How to Calculate Heart Score

Nov 30, 2021368 Views

Today somewhere in the world, a person dies of cardiovascular problems every 34 seconds. Cardiovascular problems are one of the biggest causes of death globally. Doctors must make quick decisions regarding heart health because they always have limited time. To speed up the process, they developed a formula called heart score. It is a comprehensive […]

Heart Rate vs Blood Pressure: Are They Related?

Nov 15, 20211500 Views

Your heart is a fascinating organ that doesn’t stop working from the moment you’re born. Naturally, many interesting things are going on in the circulatory system that allow the heart to perform in a healthy way. Two of these variables are heart rate and blood pressure. But while you may have heard of both terms, […]

What’s That Weird Feeling In Your Chest When You’re Lying Down?

Oct 30, 202134338 Views

Not being able to sleep is a common phenomenon for millions of Americans. Sometimes, it can be due to stress or anxiety, but sometimes it can manifest as physical symptoms that distract you from drifting off to sleep. One such example is heart palpitations that you can feel as you’re in bed trying to sleep. […]

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