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Remote Cardiac Monitoring for Athletes: Improving Performance and Preventing Injury

Feb 15, 2023999 Views

Athletes are always looking for ways to optimize their performance and avoid injuries. In recent years, remote cardiac monitoring technology has gained popularity as a means of achieving these goals. This technology allows coaches and medical professionals to remotely monitor an athlete’s heart rate and other vital signs, enabling them to make informed decisions about […]

Are There Any Restrictions While Wearing A Heart Monitor?

Jan 30, 202324555 Views

No matter how you look at it, heart disease is one of the fastest-spreading diseases in the United States. So much so that, in recent years, it has become the leading cause of death. This is why to battle cardiovascular diseases, cardiologists all around the world have adopted the use of Holter Monitors. Although small […]

Advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring System

Jan 17, 20232529 Views

The practice of remotely monitoring patients’ medical and other health data and electronically transmitting such data to healthcare professionals for evaluation is known as remote patient monitoring. RPM initiatives may assist in keeping people healthy, allow older and handicapped people to live at home longer, and prevent people from joining nursing institutions. RPM can also […]

Difference Between Cardiac Arrest And Heart Attack:

Jan 17, 20231198 Views

Cardiovascular emergencies that pose a risk to life include cardiac arrest and heart attacks. Life can be saved by identifying the signs of cardiac arrest and heart attack and understanding what to do. Everyone can get confused by medical terminology, but in this instance, there are significant distinctions between these two cardiac episodes. Problems in […]

What Are The Stages of Heart Failure And Their Causes?

Jan 17, 20231038 Views

The heart isn’t pumping as well as it should, according to the definition of heart failure. Congestive heart failure, which is occasionally used synonymously, is a particular form of heart failure that demands immediate medical attention. Your heart’s pumping action is essential to your body because it delivers blood that is enriched in nutrients and […]

How Controlling Blood Pressure Reduces The Risks Of Heart Attack?

Jan 17, 2023591 Views

Our bodies require an average blood pressure level. No oxygen or nutrients will reach the tissues and organs if the pressure that propels our blood through the circulatory system doesn’t exist. However, both high and low blood pressure can be harmful. In this post, we will go through what blood pressure is, how it is […]

What Are Cardiovascular Exercises, And How Do They Benefit Your Heart Health?

Jan 17, 2023671 Views

Does your heartbeat quicken while exercising? Do you take deeper, quicker breaths? Do you sweat? That’s most likely a result of your regular use of the large muscles in your arms, legs, and hips. The rate of respiration increases during exercise involving these significant muscles, producing more energy. Respiration and heart rate then quicken as […]

Follow These 9 Tips If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping With A Holter Monitor

Jan 15, 20239996 Views

It’s no secret that heart conditions can disrupt one’s sleep. Whether it’s the weird feeling in your chest or a series of air bubbles popping in your chest, it doesn’t matter. Heart diseases are painful and just as troublesome. This is why cardiologists use Holter monitors to help alleviate the pain and understand where the […]

What is a Loop Recorder? When Do You Need One?

Dec 30, 2022976 Views

Not every fainting spell can be linked to low blood pressure. Sometimes, there’s an underlying heart condition at play which can only be noted through remote monitoring. This is why cardiologists use a loop recorder. But what exactly is a loop recorder, and how does it sense the motions of your heart? In this blog, […]

When Should You Go To The Hospital For Rapid Heart Rate? Should You Be Worried?-

Dec 15, 2022954 Views

An increased heart rate isn’t usually something to worry about. It’s common for your heart to beat faster when blood is supplied to it. It’s a response to everyday activities like exercising, running, drinking coffee, and, at times, even due to stress. However, completely dismissing it is also not ideal. A frequent increase in heart […]

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