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What Are Some Different Types of Pacemakers?

Nov 30, 20201278 Views

There are different types of pacemakers. The specifics of your heart and the symptoms you face, determine the type of pacemaker you will need. Your doctor will be able to tell you about which specific pacemaker you require only after a diagnosis. What Is A Single Chamber Pacemaker? A very commonly used pacemaker, as the […]

How Do You Know When You Need a Pacemaker?

Nov 15, 20201024 Views

If you are looking to have a steady heartbeat, then implanting a pacemaker is a standard heart procedure. But the most important thing, how do you know if you need to have a pacemaker implanted? When you walk in and tell the doctor that you are feeling dizzy, you are immediately referred to a cardiologist […]

Remote Cardiac Services

Oct 30, 20202269 Views

We are rapidly seeing a rise in technological advancement within the healthcare field. Specifically with Remote Cardiac Services. The changes are a positive move forward. These changes are allowing many patients to have opportunities they previously did not. Device Monitoring Cardiac devices include a defibrillator, pacemaker, and cardiac loop recorder. Among those devices, you can […]

The Future of Healthcare is in Cloud Computing

Oct 15, 20201218 Views

Technology is changing so many industries, and healthcare is no exception. Services like cloud computing are addressing some of the biggest administrative challenges in medical offices. But what exactly is cloud computing? And how is it helping medical workers? We will explain the benefits of healthcare cloud computing in the article below. What is Cloud […]

Using Telemedicine as a Nurse Practitioner

Sep 30, 20201181 Views

As a nurse practitioner, you have a lot on your plate. NPs have to deal with patients, doctors, hospital administrators, and more. Finding efficient ways to manage your patients’ care will make life easier- for both you and also those in your care. Learn how telemedicine can benefit you as a nurse practitioner below. Improving […]

Reducing Paper Waste Telehealth Services

Sep 15, 20201405 Views

We all know that the world is rapidly changing. While things like COVID-19 are on the forefront, other issues are still affecting us in the background. Climate change in particular is a problem with dangerous consequences. However, it can be hard to address environmental issues in fields like healthcare. After all, a certain amount of […]

How Remote Cardiac Monitoring Reduces Healthcare Costs

Aug 30, 20201890 Views

Healthcare costs can sometimes feel like the elephant in the room. While healthcare routinely saves lives, lots of the tools that help doctors can be expensive. Of course, patients feel the burden of cost, too. Remote cardiac monitoring tools like Octagos are doing more than just streamlining care. They also help both doctors- and also […]

Infection Control in Home Health Care

Aug 15, 20201140 Views

All healthcare workers are concerned with infection control. However, COVID-19 has made this a uniquely urgent concern. Of course, medical workers have always looked for ways to reduce the spread of infections. But new technology has made this easier than ever before. Below, we will share how telehealth is changing infection control in home health […]

Secure Telehealth: Keeping Patients Protected

Jul 30, 20201368 Views

Secure Telehealth Security concerns are a top priority in telehealth. With so much information stored and traded online, it is important to make sure that data is protected. At Octagos Health, we work to protect both patients and providers with our software. Below, we will explain how we keep information secure. Built-In Security Are you […]

Benefits of Telehealth For Nurses

Jul 15, 20201894 Views

Nurses know that their work, while rewarding, has its challenges. Nurses work tirelessly for their patients. They can also act as a liaison between doctors, patients, administrators, and others in a hospital. This means that nurses often get bogged down with tasks that can affect their productivity. Luckily, new technologies are making nursing easier. Below, […]

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