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Types of Cardiac Diet Plan: Foods to Avoid And Consume

Dec 5, 2022282 Views

  Foods like vegetables, whole grains, and oily salmon are prioritised in the cardiac diet meals. These foods are good food for your heart. Additionally, processed foods that are heavy in salt and sugar are prohibited from the diet since they raise the risk of heart disease. This article will discuss various items one would […]

10 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Disease

Dec 2, 2022363 Views

About 9% of women and 11% of men in the US have been diagnosed with a cardiac or circulatory ailment. But what signs should we watch out for that can point to a possible cardiac condition? This article discusses the ten early signs of heart problems that indicate consulting a doctor. Introduction Everyone knows that […]

Types Of Heart Diseases

Nov 30, 2022268 Views

Heart disease can take a variety of forms. Each type of heart disease has unique signs, risks, and treatments. Some treatments for heart diseases can be significantly improved by making lifestyle modifications. At the same time, other heart disease cures include taking medications or undergoing surgeries. Learn about some of the types of cardiac disease, […]

Neck Pain On the Left Side – Causes and Treatment

Oct 30, 20221298 Views

The human neck is a complex structure that comprises bones, nerves, and muscles that work together and perform multiple functions. Since muscles and tendons are involved, neck pain is quite common on both the left side as well as right. There are no specific reasons for your neck to suffer from discomfort in a particular […]

Does Having Armpit Pain Mean I Have Cancer?

Oct 15, 20221485 Views

Your armpits anatomically comprise of muscles, blood vessels, sweat glands, bones, nerves, and lymph nodes. Pain in the armpit may be an indicator of minor issues such as a muscle sprain, or it could be cancer. Armpit pain, more so when localized in the left arm, may be related to your heart. You should know […]

Angina vs. Heart Attack: What’s The Difference?

Sep 30, 20221778 Views

Most people associate chest pain with heart attack, but not all chest pains are the same. Perhaps it could be heartburn or a side effect of anxiety. However, in most cases, a tingling sensation in the left side of your chest is due to two main reasons: Angina vs Heart Attack. Since the two diseases […]

Here are the 15 Foods You Should Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure

Sep 15, 20222555 Views

High blood pressure is a condition where one’s blood has an extremely disarming flow. So much so that it can go over the artery walls and lead to severe health problems, mainly related to the heart. Not to mention, there is no permanent cure for hypertension (high blood pressure) as of now. This means that […]

The Use and Accuracy Of Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Aug 30, 20221852 Views

Did you ever have to keep track of your blood pressure? Then you must have thought about using a home wrist monitor. This new technology is quickly gaining popularity among health-conscious people. The device is a simple wristband with a watch-like digital interface. It looks high-tech and user-friendly due to its controls and settings. You […]

Why is My Left Arm Numb Much More Often

Aug 15, 2022984 Views

A dominant arm is common, and most people experience that their right arm is more dominant. As you use it more often, for example, writing and eating. Usually, whatever you are doing, your first reaction is to use your right hand when doing anything. You only use your left hand if the task you are […]