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How 24/7 Remote Cardiac Monitoring Can Cut Diagnosis Time

Jan 5, 20243335 Views

Your heart suddenly starts pounding rapidly and chaotically during a run. Just as quickly, it reverts to normal, leaving you puzzled and unnerved. Was that a serious arrhythmia or a fleeting glitch? Without catching the irregular rhythm on an electrocardiogram (ECG), your cardiologist can only guess. However, new remote cardiac monitoring technologies are cutting lengthy […]

Fitbit or Physician? Who’s Really Monitoring Your Heart Health

Dec 8, 20231769 Views

Fitbit or Physician That Fitbit on your wrist seems smart, counting every step and steadfastly tracking your resting heart rate. The convenience seems too good to give up – a personal health assistant right at your fingertips 24/7. But how much can you really trust those friendly pulses and dots compared to a trained physician? […]

How Digital Devices Interfere with Pacemakers

Nov 30, 20231375 Views

Interfere with Pacemakers That flashy new smartwatch you’re eyeing for fitness tracking could actually jeopardize your heart health rather than improve it – if you happen to have a pacemaker implanted in your chest. It seems counterintuitive that sophisticated devices designed to monitor wellbeing could interfere with lifesaving medical technology. But the same powerful wave-based […]

What Is Loop Recorder? When Do You Need One?

Nov 24, 20231248 Views

Your heart suddenly starts racing, skipping beats, or fluttering for no apparent reason. These sporadic heart rhythm disturbances come and go without warning. Your doctor suspects an underlying arrhythmia, but traditional tests have all come back to normal. What now? You may need a cardiac cryptographer – better known as an implantable loop recorder. This […]

Streamlining Remote Cardiac Monitoring and Enhancing Patient Outcomes

Nov 6, 20231334 Views

Introduction Remote Cardiac Monitoring The future pulse of cardiac care will be wired, not wired up. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is bringing the clinic home by enabling continuous oversight of heart health outside hospital walls. But implementing RPM effectively is key to enhancing outcomes. This article explores how optimized remote monitoring not only benefits clinics […]

Five Steps to Improve Your Remote Cardiac Monitoring Program

Oct 25, 20231090 Views

REMOTE CARDIAC MONITORING: MEANING Remote cardiac monitoring is a fairly non-invasive method of keeping track of a patient’s cardiac activity from a remote location.  Cardiac monitoring, or remote heart monitoring, is a method by which information from a patient’s implantable rhythm management device can be communicated directly to a physician’s office.  This allows the doctor […]

Remote Cardiac Monitoring: Benefits, Use, Costs

Oct 15, 20231229 Views

Remote Cardiac Monitoring Remote cardiac monitoring is a technology that allows healthcare providers to monitor patients’ cardiac health remotely. It reduces healthcare costs by decreasing the need for in-person visits, emergency room care, and hospital stays. In simple words, cardiac remote monitoring is a technology that allows healthcare professionals to monitor heart activity remotely. Heart […]

Remote Monitoring for Heart Failure Patients

Oct 6, 20231235 Views

Remote monitoring for heart failure patients has always been one of the favorite topics for most researchers and clinicians, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic. Remote cardiac monitoring refers to the use of various technologies to collect and transmit data on the cardiac function and status of patients with heart failure, heart rate, intracardiac and pulmonary artery pressures, […]

Software For Your Healthy Heart – Octagos At Your Service

Sep 27, 20231206 Views

Over 17 million deaths per year and the reason behind them: Heart disease!  However, many of these deaths can simply be prevented by making a few lifestyle changes and being aware of one’s own health. This is where revolutionary progress in technology and artificial intelligence comes into the picture; making a real difference out there. […]

Take control of your Heart Health with Octagos Health

Sep 22, 2023891 Views

Heart Health Heart health is very important for everyone as it promotes the overall well-being of a person. The heart is the core of the cardiovascular system, and it is the organ for just about everything that gives life to your body — ranging from the supply of oxygen to the success of your immune […]

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