All You Need to Know About Labile Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a vital regulatory function of your body. Every person needs to maintain a steady blood flow and a strong vascular system to sustain the strenuous activity of the body. If your blood pressure shifts rapidly, without any warning, it is a cause for concern. This condition is called Labile blood pressure. In this condition, your blood pressure becomes a liability instead of the support it should be.

The cause of this condition varies for every patient. However, a proper diagnosis is mandatory before starting treatment. Regular medical checkups can surely detect the problem before it ever gets severe. Ensure never to hide any medical information from your doctor. Because if you do, your systems will be harder to translate, and your problem will be undetectable. Hiding information from a medical professional will be the first step toward disaster. Therefore, make sure you get regular checkups and cardiovascular monitoring.

What is Labile Blood Pressure

During this condition, your blood pressure can become unstable. Meaning it can shift from high to low more frequently than normal. It can shoot up to hypertension and suddenly come down to dizziness. This condition is also known as labile hypertension, as labile means changeable, and hypertension means high blood pressure.

In this condition, a patient will feel both high and low pressure in sudden shifts. The pressure can change multiple times during a single day and sometimes in a few hours.

Causes and Symptoms of Labile Hypertension

The causes of these conditions are mainly age-related. As you age, it becomes more and more difficult for your body to keep your blood pressure steady. A weak cardiovascular system will disrupt the natural blood flow pressure in your body. Some other causes include drugs, prescription meds, alcohol, too much salt, and caffeine.

The sudden change in blood pressure can cause dizziness, flashing, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, and lethargy.

Prevention for Labile BP

Being active and having a strong cardiovascular system is the right way to prevent this problem. Additionally, you can plan your diet for a healthy cardiovascular system. Reducing bad habits, avoiding junk foods, sugar, alcohol, and tobacco will help greatly.

Having an active morning routine will ensure that your heart and preparatory system get stronger by the day. If you exercise regularly, it makes the cardiovascular system stronger every day. This may seem like a small step, but consistency will reward you immensely in the near future. Taking early steps is the easiest way to prevent labile blood pressure.

Cure for Labile BP

Your blood pressure needs continuous monitoring if you are already facing the problem. Visiting a doctor will help you determine the right course of action. Therefore, a medical checkup will be your first step in the right direction to cure Labile BP.


Labile blood pressure is an inconvenient problem, but it is preventable. Make sure you visit your doctor regularly for cardiovascular check-ups and detect the problem early. If you need help from cardiological experts, then contact Octagos Health at (281) 769-8733.

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