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How it Works?

Simplicity is KEY.|

Gone are the days of data overload and managing remote transmissions from multiple device manufacturers. Increase your clinic efficiency with best in class software and service in one easy to manage portal. Spend your time delivering care to your patients without the burden of managing remote transmissions.

Software + Service =


Cutting edge software that connects with all device companies along with a team of cardiac device experts will allow you to accurately review all transmissions, improve patient care and optimize appropriate billing in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Quality of Care
  • Population Insights
  • Billable Events
  • Efficiency
  • Patient Compliance
  • Clinic Empowerment
Measurable & Achievable outcomes with Octagos Health
  • Cost of Care
  • Upfront Cost
  • Staff Time
  • Paper Processes
  • Missed Reimbursement
Arrhythmia and Alert Detection On Day One


Integration with more than 70 Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms

We notify your patients through HIPAA compliant SMS messaging
Fully Integrated Health Level Seven International